Thursday, March 18, 2010

Interim Presentation

- Music is important.
- However, there is a subset of the population that is, in this society, barred from experiencing live music. Because a lot of live music happens in bars, and other venues that also serve alcohol and therefore are limited to those 21+, it discriminates against those under 21.
- One of the things that has happened in response, is the development of all-ages venues–spaces which are dedicated to providing a space for music to be experienced by people of all-ages, including the under 21 set.
- These all-ages spaces (often youth-focused spaces) face a lot of challenges, one of which is security.
- [insert my background]
- Two examples to illustrate what I mean by security issues:
- Vera no longer hosts high-school aged hip hop/club dances due to violence and gang concerns.
- [story of drunk girl in bathroom]
- The three questions I hope to address, through my experiences and talking with others that deal with this issue, and the three corresponding objects:
1. What characteristics make youth different from the standard crowd? Identify and define key differences between all-ages/youth-focused and standard events. (To develop something addressing this population, you need to first understand it)
2. What implications does these differences have on security issues? Discuss implications of the differences on security issues and policy.
3. How do you engage these very youth in these issues that impact them? Identify ways to engage youth in these very issues of security. (These youth-focused music scenes are often about empowerment and giving youth ownership. To be able to develop security recommendations that can be successfully implemented, you must have buy-in of the group you are trying to influence.)

Q & A
Q How do you anticipate design influencing the rest of your project, as you head into the final quarter?
A Focused less on tangible deliverable, but about a body of work that informs. Haven't thought much about the form of the tangible deliverable, but anticipates that the research to follow will inform the best form to deliver this research.


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