Monday, May 10, 2010

this weekend

I got to hear about and check out some of the senior projects from the students at Emily Carr. I love their space! But most importantly, I thought it was really valuable to see what our Canadian counterparts are up to. There was one project which I found somewhat similar in several ways.
It was an exploration of engaging youth in a rural/suburban community around a certain community issue where the student went in and taught basic design skills and the design process to the kids, and facilitated their creation of an artifact to bring youth and adults together. Based on the fun theory, their artifact took the form of an interactive maze game.

What struck me most about this project, and about a lot of their project in general, was that it really was more about the process of exploration and creation, rather than what came out in the end. Whereas we have a separate DS path from VCD and ID, a lot of their projects had a heavier DS component intregrated compared to many of our VCD. and ID projects.

Some of their projects are not finished, and being able to see how each person addressed that in showing a final exhibit was interest, especially since my own project will be in a similar unfinished state.


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