Sunday, April 18, 2010

it will get done

After some more discussion with some people at Vera, I realize what I actually want to do is way out of scope of the capstone project. Vera will develop and publish something speaking to a the necessity of and development of a comprehensive security policy for all-ages music venues, and I'm leading the charge (otherwise it might be one of those amazing ideas we have but takes forever to get off the ground, or doesn't happen at all, due to lack of manpower)! Hopefully that will be done this year, and the education curriculum can be developed next year. I'm trying to get in touch with the man everyone raves about, and set up a meeting with him and the vera folks, to kick off some hard core discussion.

What does this mean for my project? I guess I'll just see how much we can get done, and think of something to show. I'm hoping by May I'll be able to present the issues and areas specifically that need policy/best practices to be developed for, if not actually be able to present policy/best practices. No idea what tangible take away I'll be able to create though. Without a doubt, I'm going to keep on this project as vera works through the issue in the next year or so.


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