Saturday, April 3, 2010

Revised Abstract

Security is ubiquitous in events and functions. Live music, is no exception. With a significant proportion of live music happening in venues prohibited to the underage crowd (most places that serve alcohol, such as bars and clubs) there becomes a clear difference between “all-ages” events, attended by a predominately youth crowd, and non-“all-ages” events. Despite the differences in the characteristics of these two crowds, the approach to security does not consider these differences. Through an exploration of past incidents, existing security policy and crowd control related publications, and interviews with security personnel and audience members, this research identifies several key aspects in which the “all-ages” crowd is distinct. Implications of this difference will be reflected in recommendations that can be used to inform future security policy for “all-ages” events.

Considering: 2010 Honors Colloquium, applications due April 14.
Not sure if my project will be ready by May 13th though... thoughts?


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