Friday, June 4, 2010

final stretch!

So close!

Over the course of the last week, the articulation of my project has continued to change. I think the fact I basically wrote a book has really pushed the my articulation of my project. Guidebook production troubles (no surprise there, I'm DS, not VCD!) aside, I feel much better about my project than I did a week ago.

This quarter has been quite the exercise of fitting into the mold (or template, literally), and one of the most frustrating in terms of time management and efficiency in aspects outside of my own control. It's really cemented some of my own beliefs on the type of person I am and my personal working style. Despite the struggles, I truly do love design studies and think the removable of the DS track starting next year will be of significant loss to the SoA. The 3 year journey has been everything; blood, sweat, tears, and then some, but one that I have no regreats about.

And now I'm off work, skipping class (sorry, art h 318!), and off to studio for the final stretch!


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