Sunday, January 10, 2010

A collection of thoughts on Advertising

What to do about the overload of advertising and how to stand out amongst them? This seemed to be well received on Wednesday's class, so I'm exploring a bit more into the area of advertising in general, and maybe that will lead me somewhere.

I don't buy band shirts. I generally don't buy shirts (although I do own a few) with the brand name splattered all over it. I don't generally want to look like a walking advertisement. Yet I am fascinated with how advertising works, or doesn't.

The various people working in this realm of advertising seems to include a mess of copy-writers, art directors, concept creators, strategists, account managers, project managers designers, producers, and planers. Design firms do ad work. Ad agencies do design work. Who/what/how knows best or does best? Do it matter? Is there strategic differences between them?

I found this chart in an article. Interesting...
Nyilasy G, Reid L. Agency practitioners' meta-theories of advertising. International Journal of Advertising [serial online]. November 2009;28(4):639-668. Available from: Business Source Complete, Ipswich, MA. Accessed January 10, 2010.


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