Saturday, January 23, 2010


Finally got my hands on the proof of In Every Town: an all-ages music manualfesto, which is still waiting for grant money to get printed (I got my fingers crossed for the Pepsi grant.) I can't leave Vera with it, so I'll skim through as much as I can...

Interesting notes from the skimming...

"Youth Involvement by default and by design" is the subheading of page 63

Chapter 4: "Democratize It Yourself: Organizational Structures" discusses various organizational and decision-making structures, as well as legal status and their pros & cons.

In the section about 924 Gilman on page 108 "The sun backlit people walking in and moving around me as if I were an inanimate object rather than a curious and semi-lost-looking person standing in the middle of the room. This is how it has been walking into most volunteer-run spaces--it's no one's job to greet you and help you feel like you fit in. No one is tasked with the jon of encouraging you to participate. You have to do it yourself."
& Brian Edge put together a documentation/book 924 Gilman: The Story so Far documenting 78 stories of people + Gilman

Subtitled on page 114 "Under the Surface: Conflict resolution and self-governance" tells a story about sexual violence, safety, and the reactive steps of the Gilman community. Similar issue was addressed recently in the Seattle scene too...

Favorite line from page 115 "a longtime volunteer says emphatically, "If anyone has a problem with Gilman, they can get involved and change it."

Page 181, "Local Seattle music became more fashionable and Vera became more well-known but also sort of detached from our underlying ethics of DIY. At the end of the year, the radio station gave $70,000 to Vera and decided to cancel the local show and fire the DJ's - because, no matter how cool it was, local music just wasn't bringing in the dough."

Under Chapter 5, a subheading "The Legitimacy Question." It brings up a couple issues "in figuring out whether to be legit or not." Accessibility, risk, alcohol, local scene, zoning and permitting, flexibility, longevity.

"Social and cultural change are interrelated. Engaging in a cultural practice humanizes people for each other." -Katy Otto

Tomorrow, I'll map out all my thoughts and see where that gets me.


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