Tuesday, January 26, 2010

an example

From an email I received earlier today...

Visqueen are shooting a music video for their new album, Message to Garcia, and they need excited extras! If you haven't heard Visqueen before, think power-pop along the lines of the Breeders - http://www.myspace. com/visqueen. They're super great people and have played Vera many times in the past, and the ladies directing/producing are friends of mine who do awesome work.

The shoot is SATURDAY JANUARY 30th at 4PM on Capitol Hill (hint: it's at an all-ages venue), with food and drinks for everyone (no alcohol!).

If you can commit to being there from 4pm to around 9pm, please email hellovisqueen@ gmail.com by noon on Saturday for directions and up-to-date information on the shoot. You're also welcome to bring friends, or forward this to someone who would love to be in it!
Did you see the hint?

This is the sort of thing I mentioned in an earlier post on ethics. So there.


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