Sunday, March 7, 2010

the extent of responsibility

Drunk drivers kill somebody? It's the bartender's fault so sue the bar too. For serving the driver too many drinks.

Somebody gets shot? It's the club down the street's fault. Nevermind the fact that they left the club already.

To what extent are venues liable for things that happen outside their space? IMO, probably more than they should be. Yet in this sue-happy society, no man (women, or child) are ever held liable for anything if they could merely place the blame on something or someone else.

What are the implications for venues that are youth oriented? I'm not sure. It's never far from the front of our minds though.

I remember when a shooting happened at that night club just-east-of-Seattle-Center-and-does-some-under-21-events-but-keeps-changing-names-because-they-keep-getting-in-trouble-and-shutting-down. Although Vera is located on the other side of Seattle Center, there was a bit of worry that the trouble happening over there would be tied to our name somehow. Finger pointing is often not pointed in the right direction.

Last night, when I was locking up after a show, some of the last stranglers from my volunteer crew were dispersing into the dark streets. A clump were off to another show, but one was heading home, catching the 358 on Aurora. And I couldn't help but wonder if they would be ok. And if not, would it be my fault?

I might just be getting old. I was in exactly their shoes a few years back. I don't doubt some of the show mangers back in those days had some of the same thoughts I'm having now. Those kids are our responsibility when they're at Vera, but are they our responsibility once they walk out our doors?


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