Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poster feedback

Thanks Erin for the summary! It's a bit hard not being there to respond to it and asking you guys to imagine a bit of what the poster would look like because it's not complete yet, but I do appreciate the feedback and will actual read it over and respond tomorrow.

"-though as a class we were able to figure out the whole moat/castle thing, we felt that the imagery of fantasy and castles was a far stretch from what your project is actually about. We all thought it would be very relevant for your audience to see REAL pictures of what you're dealing with because those pictures definitely strike a chord in people (the one mentioned in class was the girl passed out in the bathroom and similar photos showing what youth concert security problems might actually look like because it's a strange concept to grasp right off otherwise).

-The title "Boy turned bouncer" confused us a bit. Some liked it because bouncers are supposed to be like big, mean people... but some thought there was too much of a disconnect.

-In terms of design and text, you have a definite title (Boy turned bouncer), but the subtitle, objectives, and quote at the top all seem to be fighting for the next most important spot. The class thought you had a lot of text in general and that one of these chunks of text could probably be taken out.

-Overall, the poster feels like you know what text you want, but you don't know what poster you want. You say here that your poster concept is to look like the sort of poster kids would be responding to today, so I want to see that! What do posters look like today? When I think of band posters, I usually image lots of textures, black background, and some sort of drippy logo thing. Hahaha. I think by coming up with a solid concept and making that FIRST, you can then apply the text and they will work more soundly."


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