Monday, February 8, 2010

Bit of History

The Teenage Dance Ordinate:
  • 1985-2002
  • Age limits: Underage dances (allowing those under 18 to attend) may only admit patrons age 15-20 unsupervised. Anyone younger would require a parent or guardian chaperone, anyone older would need to accompany a youth under 18.
  • Security requirement: Two off-duty officers were required on premises, with one off-duty officer outside to patrol the area.
  • Insurance: $1,000,000 in liability insurance;
Exemptions: Non-profits and schools were exempt from these restrictions.

Also, any event with dancing was considered a dance.

Excluding adults from underage youth would create a "bubble of safety.

The "new" All Ages Dance Ordinate:
[click here for full text]
  • replaced the Teenage Dance Ordinate
  • a definition of a dance as an event where dancing is the primary activity intended
  • allowing all-ages events to occur absent any alcohol served
  • requiring only the requesting of off-duty officers at an event, to be granted by the Seattle Police Guild
  • elimination of the $1 million insurance requiremen

Better? Yes. Good enough? Nope.


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