Sunday, February 21, 2010

Design + Business

I think I've always been struggling with trying to combine design & business into something I want to do.

I've already decided against being in-house designer. Then I've decided against traditional "doing" design. I thought about PM in ad agencies. I thought about brand strategy.

Now I'm thinking about consulting.

During my interview with Accenture, I was explaining how awesome design studies is, and talking about problem-solving vs. problem-finding, and how complicated questions have simple answers. The Sr. Manager said, "like 42?"

Yes. Exactly. Perfect analogy. Consultants get it too.

So there you have it, consultants are like DSers tackling business problems.


ant said...

fionnnaaa ok so iguess i found your blog without too much trouble :] mm anyways..i think your project's problem space is REALLY awesome. out by my church there's a 21- / all ages dance club that is way out of business and i thought of you...anyways. i hope your interview with accenture went well ! it's awesome to see that other people "get" DS, and getting some background with accenture will probably help with consulting [a previous blog of yours i think?] :D mhm! hope things are welllll

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