Sunday, February 7, 2010


PDZ: Why is the underground so important to you?

Natron: Culturally speaking, it's the purest form of human creativity and perseverence. Once you start to grasp how far-reaching the 'underground' is and how many like-minded people there are out there doing really amazing things, ultimately similar things to what you are doing, you then realize just how important the underground scene is. It's like a comforting amoeba that's constantly being fed, and as a result things are always changing and fresh ideas are getting churned out in an almost cyclistic fashion. It's funny because as I type this, I hear an ad for the new John Mayer album playing on the TV in the background. There is a man that's coming from a world that is the exact polar opposite of what's happening in the DIY/underground scene right now here in America and around the world. Thinking about that, I can't help but wonder what kind of scene John Mayer came from.

Anyway, the DIY or 'underground' scene has pretty much changed my life, as well as changed my outlook on music, the industry, and so many other things. I believe that it's one of the most important things that we have in the world, culturally. I don't believe that the DIY approach to things will ever die, because it comes so natural to us. Humans will never lose their inate and instinctual thirst to create and construct. As long as we never lose that, the 'underground' will always live on.
Lastly, I truly believe that, in the end, it may just save us all.

When I first started doing this, it was simply for the love of music. Though it didn't take long for me to realize the positive impact we could have on the community, and I have always tried to make sure that we are constantly lifting up these amazing local institutions that are doing amazing things in the community, and really putting the spotlight on them. We are a CommUNITY, and the only way we are going to survive and get by is by taking care of each other.


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