Wednesday, February 10, 2010

going forward from interim presentation

I proposed 4 directions:
1. paths of engagement at Vera
2. hosting dance events
3. making use of volunteers at AMP
4. all-ages music profitability

The two that resonated most were:
2. security, hosting dance events
ACTION: develop strategy for security management
- define something that can be scaled
- create something distributable
- through interviewing bouncers and professionals as well
CONSIDER: Adults going to events/venues merely get ids checked to prove they can be there, ie 21+. If they end up getting into a fight or what not, then its their problem. However, imagine the same thing, except instead of an adult, we have a 16 year old. Suddenly, the liability and blame if anything goes wrong is the responsibility of the venue.
ACTION: map differences and similarities of adult vs. youth relationship to venue(s)
- potential issues due to size
- differences in types, ie concerts vs. festivals
- models for how security issues arise due to various variables
- formalize categories

3. making use of volunteers at AMP


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