Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My capstone is a lot more writing heavy than I would like. I wish I had a way with words. It's amazing how text dependent we are in communication.

On a somewhat other somewhat related note, why didn't we partner with other people in our projects rather than individual projects? I mean, some of the VCD kids are designing booklets, magazines, etc, using text they copied off the internet about some topic. I would love it if they designed a booklet or something for my project! That way, I could focus on what DSers do best, and let them make it all pretty looking. Play to each of our strengths. Total win-win situtation. If the design devision wants to make itself revelant to the real world, we'll have to start collobrating with the larger community, but even so, it starts with collobration within our own devision of design, something which is sorely lacking atm.


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