Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ultimate Security Plan

After a couple weeks, a few meetings and revisions with JP and Greg, we have a solid outline drafted:

1) “Manifesto” how this security stuff reflects our mission as The Vera Project

2) Policies
a) Non-discrimination
b) Pyrotechnics & other stage gimmicks (smoke machines)
c) Money Handling (if robbery?)
d) Building Access (green room, catwalk, recording studio, backstage, etc)
e) Right to refuse entry/confiscate possessions
f) Capacity (including measuring capacity)
g) Extended absence
h) Key Holder policy
i) “Alone in venue” policy
j) Background check policy (who, when, how often, etc)
k) Communication with volunteer
i) Outreach
ii) Filling positions
iii) Volunteer follow up, disciplinary
l) Contact info (in case of emergency, who do you call for ____)

3) Staffing Considerations
a) Staff : crowd ratio
b) “Reflect the demographic” (gender balance, cultural sensitivity, etc)

4) Staff/Volunteer expected/responsibilities
a) Sober, friendly, ready to work
b) CPR
c) Diversity training
d) Conflict resolution/de-escalation
e) Shadow x number of times required
f) Filling volunteer positions in advance
g) Define where documents live, accessibility, regular check
i) Volunteer info logging/accessibility

h) Roles defined

i) Pre-production Staff
(1) Program Dir
(a) Relationship with local precinct
(2) Talent Buyer
(a) Report to local precinct upcoming events
(b) Value match
(c) What crowd will they draw?
ii) Lead Show staff
(1) Show staff meeting
(a) Debrief, monthly meeting
(2) Show Manager
(a) Night-of liaison with police
(b) Report to Program Director
(c) End-of-show log
(3) Sound Eng
(4) Steering

iii) Support Show staff
(1) Front Door security
(2) Side door security
(3) Greenroom/backstage security
(4) Roamers

iv) “Culture” of security”
(1) Fair, Friendly, Firm
(2) Define Security Positions as more than “bouncers”→ HOSTS
(3) Use of Force Continuum
(4) Incident/accident documentation & review
(a) Back up Plan
(i) Prioritizing of security positions/roles in case there isn’t the ideal # of people working that event
(5) How to have people “in the know” (Required items to cover during pre-show briefing)
(a) Tonight’s lineup & set items
(b) What relevant shows/events coming up in this community
(c) What types of issues should we look out for tonight
(d) Show strips
(e) Newsletter to volunteer list

v) What do I do If???? (Refer to show binder)
(1) Emergencies
(2) First Aid
(3) Facility
(4) Bands
(5) Volunteers
(6) Audience
(7) Close up

5) Non-security Safety
a) Emergency Evacuation Plan
i) Specific roles for each position
ii) Training
iii) Occasional review
b) Unsafe Building Conditions (spills, etc)


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