Sunday, May 2, 2010

to inform

Phone tag finally came to an end, and Greg, Josh, and I had a meeting on Friday. Here is our timeline so far for rolling out the policy for Vera:

We timed the dates to coincided with our monthly meetings and quarterly members meetings because those are when we'll have the highest number of stakeholders all together to discuss, debate, and approve this project.

May 18: presentation of outline and open discussion at show staff/steering meeting

May 22: 3 hour show security training for staff (Tentative)

June-Sept: [meetings with various stakeholders (for sure staff and steering, potentially programming and board) at their monthly meetings, exact agenda and dates tbd]

Oct 14: Presentation at quarterly members meeting with proposed draft. By now, all stakeholders would have had a couple chances to give input on the policy between June-Sept, and a final committee vote of approval would have been taken to send the policy to a vote at this Oct 14th member's meting. Discussion would be on fine tuning and minor changes.

Jan 15: Presentation and vote of approval by membership at this quarterly member's meeting.

I'll have to revisit my plans on what to show for June. My project will very much be focused on bringing attention to the need for such a policy to be developed, but I'm not sure what tangible item is best for that, or if there's even need for one. I don't want to make something for the sake of having something to show...

I have another meeting this afternoon, so I'll see if that is useful in any way, and update later tonight!


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