Wednesday, May 5, 2010

where to now?

Tonight, I'm meeting with JP at Vera to strengthen up our outline for this comprehensive procedural policy. (A true security policy is more than just security in the traditional sense, it becomes evident in every section of general venue procedure, and we have chosen to embrace that by creating a venue-wide procedural policy, rather than just show security policy, which will be merely a section of our large work)

Monday, May 10th, we're meeting with Greg again, to start getting the content into our outline.

This I am completely stoked for, and yesterday, had the chance to present the project to the membership's programming committee, and get them abroad. Feedback as been positive, and people are excited and already signing up for the membership-optional security training session we have tentatively planned for the 22nd.

However, I am no longer excited about my capstone project. I think the limitations of having to create something-- for an audience that isn't the audience I am working with and whom the final procedural policy is written for-- is, in my mind, too academic and not enough applied "to the real world." Based on my chats with people during my research, there isn't really anything tangible worth creating at this point. People in class want to see some sort of booklet thing basically illustrating how to give youth ownership. Which is ...nice (that's what we say about people/things we have nothing negative to say about but nothing else positive to say about either, isn't it?), and probably what I'll end up doing if I can't think up anything else more useful... but meh.


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